Pine Banks Park
Pine Banks Park Pine Banks Park is open for the summer season. The picnic sites are open, but require a reservation for weekends and holidays. Reservations are accepted by calling 781-324-0822, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm. We look forward to another great summer season. Enjoy the Park!  
Pine Banks Park
Pine Banks Park


Pine Banks Park

The Park Hours
THE PARK HOURS shall be from
8 AM to 8 PM . . . SUMMER

Except when other hours may have been authorized by the Superintendent
Fields open April 1st - November 15th

Download a printable PDF of the park rules.

The Rules and Regulations
Chapter 393 Acts and Resolves of 1905


A.         Drink or have any intoxicating beverages or any controlled substance.

B.         Discharge or carry firearms.

C.        Discharge or carry fireworks.

D.        Sell, offer or expose for sale any goods or wares, except by the express permission of the board of trustees.

E.         Post or display placards, signs, flags or advertising devices.

F.          Have possession of instruments of gambling.

G.       Play games of chance.

H.        Do any obscene or indecent act.

I.            Solicit the acquaintance or, follow, or otherwise annoy other visitors.

NO PERSON shall cut, break, injure, or deface any buildings, fences, or other construction or any tree, bush, turf, or any thing or property or have possession of any plucked tree or bush.

BALL GAMES or other sports shall be played on grounds provided there for and only after permission has been granted by the Superintendent of the Park.

A.         No golf playing.

B.         No student driving.

C.        No dogs allowed on fields.

D.        No eating, drinking or smoking on the artificial fields.

E.         No open fires allowed at ballfields.

PLEASURE VEHICLES only shall use only roads designated for travel and their speed shall not exceed 10 miles per hour.

A.         No all terrain vehicles, trucks, or off road vehicles.

B.         No dirt bikes.

C.        No student driving.

PERMITS must be obtained from the Superintendent of the Park for any open fires.

BARBEQUEING is only allowed at picnic sites.

Picnic sites are only open from May 1st thru Labor Day.

BATHING, BOATING, SKATING or TRESPASSING is forbidden on the pond, except when permitted by Park Superintendent.

NO PERSON shall refuse to obey the orders or request of any member of the corporation or Park Police or other agents of the corporation or refuse to assist them when requested to do so.

COMPLIANCE WITH the foregoing regulations is a condition of the use of these premises. Any person willfully disobeying these regulations shall be punished by a FINE NOT EXCEEDING $500.

Pine Banks Park
Pine Banks Park
Pine Banks Park

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