Pine Banks Park
Pine Banks Park Pine Banks Park is open for the summer season. The picnic sites are open, but require a reservation for weekends and holidays. Reservations are accepted by calling 781-324-0822, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm. We look forward to another great summer season. Enjoy the Park!  
Pine Banks Park
Pine Banks Park


Pine Banks Park

Field Policies - Spring 2009
General parameters for Park usage by guests:

• The use of the Park is to be divided equally between the two cities, with variations in accommodations and the sequencing of those field slots subject to agreement between the liaisons with the approval of the Superintendent.

• The Park welcomes the scholastic teams from each city, but equally needs to meet the requirements of the youth organizations from each city.

• The Park understands from the outset that it cannot fulfill all of the field requirements of both cities with the resources available, and that each city will need to supply additional
sites for their various teams.

Based on those precepts, the following ground rules are hereby established.

It was agreed that Malden Pop Warner would take 5 weeks ending September 5, and Melrose the remaining evenings on RF1 from 6:00 - 8:00. We have them operating through November. This disproportionate allocation is an accommodation to Melrose.

RF1 will available for scholastic usage on Saturday mornings from 8:00 - 12:00. Usage will be in a weekly rotation commencing September 6 with Malden.

Games will be available in the morning and early afternoon on Columbus Day, Oct 13, and Roshashana Sep 30, and Yom Kippur, Oct 9.

Field SF3 will be available this year.

The difficulty of marking SF1 for field hockey was discussed, with a concern on unduly marking the turf outfield on the new baseball diamond. The field can be used for field hockey with only the addition of a “striking circle” and this would allow the use of RF1 for soccer, which is preferred.

RF1 and SF1 will both be marked for Soccer and Field Hockey.

SF2 and SF3 will be Soccer only.

The Mystic Valley Charter School will be using the outfield portion of SB2 for football practice commending on week nights at 8:00 pm.

Commencing August 18, fields SF2 and SF3 (both grass fields), and RF1 will be available for scholastic practice during the day. Malden will scrimmage during the week of August 21 - 29th. The grass fields will not be marked until September 1.

Make up time needs to be available through the fall. We will hold Saturday and Sunday nights for this contingency.

Bus parking will need to be in the lot near the Malden entrance, after which the drivers will reenter the fields by going through the wooded area.

Scholastic use of LL5 and LL6 by their respective towns during the day in August is agreeable.

Problems and Issues

The coaches will be asked to avoid park usage (Cross Country) on Labor Day weekend, when there are many picnic users with families.

The coaches and users will be instructed and cautioned against using the fences and back stops as part of batting practice, as it is already degrading the new facilities.

The coaches and users will be instructed and cautioned against dragging goals over the turf fields as some tearing has been identified in the new field surfaces.

The baseball usage in the Spring is broken into four-hour slots. This might seem long, but with late starts and longer games, the idea of shortening the slots for more uses was considered too difficult.

The policies stated are subject to review and revision by the Superintendent and Trustees of Pine Banks Park.

Pine Banks Park
Pine Banks Park
Pine Banks Park

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